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5 Best Beach Destinations in the World

When I think beach getaway, the first thought that comes to mind is which beach is closest to me? Not a very discerning criteria, but for me, any beach will do. I love the ocean and the best compliment to any water front destination is the beach that is waiting to help soak up all your worries. The beach truly can make the vacation! I’ve put together a list of the top 5 destination beaches as rated by Expedia in 2016. Just for fun, we’ll start at number 5 and work our way up to the top spot.

  1. Natadola Beach, Fiji

Natadola Beach is located on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. This is a paradise landscape of white sand and clear water. Just some of the recreational activities available are snorkeling, horseback riding and parasailing. While activities do vary by resort, another great standout feature of Natadola is that it’s vacation worthy 365 days a year!

  1. Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

While there are several beaches along the Croatian coastline, Zlatni Rat is the most preferred by destination beach goers .Zlatni is a tongue shaped beach, the “tongue” stretching out from the coastline approximately 500 meters. Beach goers can pick a spot on this beautiful beach and be nearly completely surrounded by clear water and clean, white sand. Zlatni is a favorite spot for surfing and wave kayaking alike.

  1. Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Playa Manuel Antonio beach is a destination hot spot among all there is to do in Costa Rica. The beach is actually a part of a National Park, so the grooming and upkeep are second to none. It is also a very large beach, so even during peak visitation, finding a spot to be alone is not a problem. Playa Manuel Antonio offers a heavenly spot for swimming, snorkeling, or taking your first surfing lesson.

  1. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

This beach got a great deal of notice from the song “Girl From Ipanema”, and for good reason. Ipanema beach draws its resplendent beauty from all the culture that is waiting to immerse you while visiting. The beach is well known for the awe inspiring sunsets, courtesy of the Sugar Loaf Mountains which sit right next to the beach proper. As if the stunning beach and water weren’t enough, there are quite a few eateries, antique shops and local street fare that keep travelers coming back year after year.

  1. Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi takes our top spot of destination beaches. Located in Sydney, Bondi is a legendary spot for both surf fanatics and beach dwellers alike. Bondi appears like a giant alcove, nearly horseshoe shaped. The pristine white sand and crystal clear waters make it a perfect vacation spot the entire year around. Also, when you’re not soaking up the sun or playing in the waves, Bondi sports an impressive street art scene, guaranteeing the perfect souvenir from the highest rated beach vacation spot in our list.

Of course, here at home, the beach scene is not lacking. Each coast and the gulf region offer many attractive spots. If money is no option and you truly want your breath stolen, take a trip to one of these top 5 spots. You’ll thank yourself the moment your toes touch the sand.