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The 4 Most Glorious Sights Across The World

There can never be surprising the glory of great heights that often engulf the viewer at most places across the world. Sometimes, there is more to the heights than just the height alone. Perhaps it is the range of flora and fauna that simply takes the breath away or a combination of both.  Listed out are some of the more powerful presentations of heights around the world and most instances, there is more to the heights than considered possible in the normal circumstances.

  1. Tianzi Mountains, China

Described as the “Son of Heaven”, the Tianzi ranges are made of several high tops that are formed due to the differential erosion of soil. Most of the peaks are high up in the clouds and it is quite a site having the tall peaks sit covered in the early morning mist of the area.

The Tianzi mountain ranges are noted for the light-colored soil and rock composition and often this contrasts with the greens of the leaves and barks of the vegetation. The climate is rather of the cold type with each season still keeping the ranges covered in thick mist.

  1. Moraine Lake, Canada

This is primarily a lake surrounded by a ring of trees that forms an enclosed lake in the middle. The most striking part of the whole presentation is the rather turquoise blue colored water that covers the bottom of the lake during the full range of seasons. The summer seasons would see the snow-covered peaks that are bordering the lake and coupled with the white clouds that surround the peaks, it is indeed an inviting sight to behold.

That there have been few instances of people taking to fishing in the lake would mean that there is not much of a catch to be had. The clear water lake is more of a visual treat than a means of sustenance.

  1. Son Doong Caves, Vietnam

The Son Doong is a massive cave that is often described as the large cave opening beside the mountain. There is a flow of water from the caves during the particular seasons of the year but the cave is hardly known for the flow of water at any time. The sheer spectacular nature of the presentation of the cave is reason enough for it to be well noticed and well known.

1.Uluru Rock, Australia

The Uluru is known often as the rock of Australia and no more. It is believed that the rock is a few eons old and the aboriginals have been worshiping and holding the rock in veneration for ages. There are no practical restrictions to visiting the Uluru, but local sensitivities must be respected especially during certain times of the year.

Most visits to Australia are not complete without a due pilgrimage to visit the rock all covered in red color. It is the ores of iron that make this color so and the surrounding areas of the country are covered with mines for various precious elements and metals.

The 4 Must Visit Spots Across The World

People travel for a variety of reasons and mostly, the reasons why people travel to far distances is more as a form of self-discovery and at the same time find a fulfillment. Compiled here are four of the must-visit places across the globe. They are not chosen in any particular order or sequence. It is just a random collection of some must-visit lands and places without any hierarchical order as such.

  • Puebla Mexico

Something that stands out in the compiled list is the rather affordable nature of the places. It is important to choose popular destinations that can be reached and afforded by most people who do want to travel. Mexico has the added option of having a drink at practically little cost and one of the attractions of Mexico is the climate which is salubrious for most parts of the year.

Mexico is by no means small and the Pueblo culture is one of the most colorful ones around. Some of the utensils in use at the times really set apart the simple peace-loving people from an aggressive natured set of people.

  • Hawaii USA

The first thing that people associate Hawaii is the sun-drenched sands and beaches. But there are some very interesting aspects to a visit to the island state in the middle of the Pacific. The island is dotted with a large number of golf courses and people come from far and wide to partake in a game at affordable costs too.

In fact, even the people who have had little gold experience tend to take to a game of golf as it really does not cost much at all to do so. Kits can be had at a reasonable cost at the nearby localities. Thus there really is not much of an excuse to not participate in the activities in Hawaii.

  • Laguna Philippines

If it is the rivers and lagoons that is what the traveler is looking for, then look no further than the Laguna area of the Philippines. Filled with streams and river lets of numerous sizes and shapes, Laguna is one of the most diverse areas in the country. Hiring out boats is not exactly hard to do and most people are only too happy to have a go at the rivers with a boat and oarsman. Fishing can be attempted provided the tourists do have the patience and a good guide to tell you where to angle. Tree Lopping practice in this place is intolerable to protect the rivers and lagoons keeping its freshness. 

  • Agra India

The Taj Mahal at Agra, India remains one of the most iconic buildings of a bygone era.  Built-in marble, the Taj remains one of the most lasting signs of a man’s love for his wife. Getting to the Taj is not an issue at all because currently, a large number of operators do service the region and place all at a budget most of the time. It has struck firmly as the lone travelers’ circuit as well.

5 Of The Best Trekking Sites Across The World

To a lot of people, a trek is one of the most stimulating of experiences whereas there are those that find value for the act of exploring that come along with a trekking trip most of the time. But those experienced at trekking trips and the well-traveled trekker would stress the need to look at each of the trips as something different from one another. Listed out below are the 5 most interesting trekking trails and in no particular order either.  But those taking to using a trail are bound to be finding it a fulfilling and complete set of activities.


  • Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca trail mainly constitutes the old ruins of the historic Inca civilization in Peru.  It is not as though the Inca people were localized to the trail park alone, but of the various destinations on the Inca routes, the promoters have hit upon a route that is physically fulfilling to complete and to get exposure to a way of life long past by. In many ways, the trek has to be seen more as a pilgrimage to an ancient time than a simple sigh seeing action.  

  • Pays Dogon, Mali

What is most noteworthy of the trails at Pays Dogon, is the manner mud is used in the construction of the huts and settlements of the land. The rather hilly terrain lends to numerous ups and downs as the trail winds through some of the physically hardened places on earth. Few people come away from a trip to the Mali trails without feeling a little bit spiritual for the most parts.

  • Himalayan trek trail

With the Himalayan ranges forming the world’s highest spaces across the world, there are a few trails that can be used by active trekkers at any time of the year. Snow is something that people would have to deal with most times of the year and there has been a strong movement to render the space as pollution-free as possible. People are encouraged to respect nature so as to find sustenance for the most part of human civilization.

  • Routeburn Track, New Zealand

If it is the greens that attract a trekker, then the Routeburn track in New Zealand could not have been a better place at any time of the year. Having some of the hospitable climates right through the year, the trekking trail is one of the most accessible.  There are some convenient travel options that should get the traveler to within a distance of the track in New Zealand.

  • The Narrows, USA

This could well be the trekking choice of quiet people as compared to the more boisterous lot of travelers. Most parts of the trekking trail are located in caves and caverns that run miles through the ground. It would be advisable to have a proper light with the person as light can be at a premium and particularly during the less bright days of the year.

The 4 Most Scenic Places To Visit Around The World

There are a lot of travelers who spent time and money in moving around the world in search of great scenic spots.  Often in such pursuit, the cost factor is often ignored and it is the final feeling of euphoria that is what counts. At the same time, the most beautiful scenes are mostly those obscured and hidden from the public view most of the time.  There have been instances of people staying next to some of the most scenic spots and never quite getting to know such spots are there next to their places of stay.

  1. Mount Roraima, South America

The Mount Roraima in South America is probably at best described as a hillock. But one of the most alluring aspects of the mountain is the steep ridge like slopes which makes it one of the most scenic features to be had in and around the area. A lot of avid cliff riders do take to using the steep cliffs to good use but the rather heady drops can prove hazardous unless handled just right.

The amateur must be prepared with the correct technique and proper training. It is important to know of the correct and safe approach than to try to make heroic statements and stunts.

  1. Tunnel of love, Ukraine

People of all ages and size have been quick to take to a tunnel structure most of the time. Here the added detail is that the tunnel is made of shrubs all trimmed together to form a hollow tunnel most of the time. The tunnel is a mixture of mans work and how nature evolved to try to fit into the schemes.  

This was primarily a rail way line that connected two parts of the country which was planted on both the sides by shade trees. The passage of the trains has sculptured a tunnel through the canopy of leaves leaving the impression of a long winding tunnel. The term tunnel of love as coined to indicate the close existence of nature with a man made structure.

  1. Hitachi park, Japan

When it comes to competing shades of pink and orange, the best place to catch sight of the presentation is the Hitachi Park at the city of Ibaraki, Japan.  What would normally have been a farm of pink colored plants have been promoted to form one of the most attractive of tourist attraction in the country.


  • Great barrier reef, Australia


Few people that visit the continent of Australia would leave the place without paying the briefest visit to the Great Barrier Reef. The structure located along the eastern coast of the country is expansive enough to be noticed from outer space. It could well be said to be the pride of Eastern Australia and one of the main revenue earners of the tourist industry.

When visiting the country of Australia, it would be worth the while to pay a visit to the reef and to have a scuba dive to take in the abundant life forms on the bottom of the reef.