5 Of The Best Trekking Sites Across The World

To a lot of people, a trek is one of the most stimulating of experiences whereas there are those that find value for the act of exploring that come along with a trekking trip most of the time. But those experienced at trekking trips and the well-traveled trekker would stress the need to look at each of the trips as something different from one another. Listed out below are the 5 most interesting trekking trails and in no particular order either.  But those taking to using a trail are bound to be finding it a fulfilling and complete set of activities.


  • Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca trail mainly constitutes the old ruins of the historic Inca civilization in Peru.  It is not as though the Inca people were localized to the trail park alone, but of the various destinations on the Inca routes, the promoters have hit upon a route that is physically fulfilling to complete and to get exposure to a way of life long past by. In many ways, the trek has to be seen more as a pilgrimage to an ancient time than a simple sigh seeing action.  

  • Pays Dogon, Mali

What is most noteworthy of the trails at Pays Dogon, is the manner mud is used in the construction of the huts and settlements of the land. The rather hilly terrain lends to numerous ups and downs as the trail winds through some of the physically hardened places on earth. Few people come away from a trip to the Mali trails without feeling a little bit spiritual for the most parts.

  • Himalayan trek trail

With the Himalayan ranges forming the world’s highest spaces across the world, there are a few trails that can be used by active trekkers at any time of the year. Snow is something that people would have to deal with most times of the year and there has been a strong movement to render the space as pollution-free as possible. People are encouraged to respect nature so as to find sustenance for the most part of human civilization.

  • Routeburn Track, New Zealand

If it is the greens that attract a trekker, then the Routeburn track in New Zealand could not have been a better place at any time of the year. Having some of the hospitable climates right through the year, the trekking trail is one of the most accessible.  There are some convenient travel options that should get the traveler to within a distance of the track in New Zealand.

  • The Narrows, USA

This could well be the trekking choice of quiet people as compared to the more boisterous lot of travelers. Most parts of the trekking trail are located in caves and caverns that run miles through the ground. It would be advisable to have a proper light with the person as light can be at a premium and particularly during the less bright days of the year.

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