The 4 Most Scenic Places To Visit Around The World

There are a lot of travelers who spent time and money in moving around the world in search of great scenic spots.  Often in such pursuit, the cost factor is often ignored and it is the final feeling of euphoria that is what counts. At the same time, the most beautiful scenes are mostly those obscured and hidden from the public view most of the time.  There have been instances of people staying next to some of the most scenic spots and never quite getting to know such spots are there next to their places of stay.

  1. Mount Roraima, South America

The Mount Roraima in South America is probably at best described as a hillock. But one of the most alluring aspects of the mountain is the steep ridge like slopes which makes it one of the most scenic features to be had in and around the area. A lot of avid cliff riders do take to using the steep cliffs to good use but the rather heady drops can prove hazardous unless handled just right.

The amateur must be prepared with the correct technique and proper training. It is important to know of the correct and safe approach than to try to make heroic statements and stunts.

  1. Tunnel of love, Ukraine

People of all ages and size have been quick to take to a tunnel structure most of the time. Here the added detail is that the tunnel is made of shrubs all trimmed together to form a hollow tunnel most of the time. The tunnel is a mixture of mans work and how nature evolved to try to fit into the schemes.  

This was primarily a rail way line that connected two parts of the country which was planted on both the sides by shade trees. The passage of the trains has sculptured a tunnel through the canopy of leaves leaving the impression of a long winding tunnel. The term tunnel of love as coined to indicate the close existence of nature with a man made structure.

  1. Hitachi park, Japan

When it comes to competing shades of pink and orange, the best place to catch sight of the presentation is the Hitachi Park at the city of Ibaraki, Japan.  What would normally have been a farm of pink colored plants have been promoted to form one of the most attractive of tourist attraction in the country.


  • Great barrier reef, Australia


Few people that visit the continent of Australia would leave the place without paying the briefest visit to the Great Barrier Reef. The structure located along the eastern coast of the country is expansive enough to be noticed from outer space. It could well be said to be the pride of Eastern Australia and one of the main revenue earners of the tourist industry.

When visiting the country of Australia, it would be worth the while to pay a visit to the reef and to have a scuba dive to take in the abundant life forms on the bottom of the reef.

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