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Canadian-Charter-Flights commonly known as CCF’s in the travel Industry, are the main way to fly on a budget from and to Canada. In most cases these flights are operated by the main Tour companies in Canada and fly to Europe in the summer and down to the Caribbean and Mexico during the winter months.

Due to demand, flights are beginning to operate to both destination areas now the whole year round.

The world of travel is full of jargon, confusing terms that the everyday tourist just does not understand. Charter flights, for example, can be slotted into this category.

Scheduled flights are flights that operate on a regular basis between two cities, probably on a daily basis and throughout the whole year. Such airlines in this connection would be the National airlines of the two countries concerned, in our case Canada and Britain would be Air Canada and British Airways.

Charter flights are synonymous with summertime travel and offer the public cheaper flights to Europe and the opportunity to have a Europe holiday. Tour operators who put holiday packages together will charter or lease an aircraft from an airline and the tour operator will sell the seats to the travellers, usually through a travel agent. The passenger’s contract is with the travel agent, not the airline itself.

However, as these companies all have their own web sites now you can go direct and book flights to your desired destination yourself, but if you want better service and maybe other travel arrangements as well, we recommend you approach a travel agent who is experienced in these things.

Flexibility is the name of the game too, so bear in mind that because you flew into London you don’t have to return home from London. Another city can be used to fly back to your home city or origin city from where you flew in the first place. This arrangement is only possible flying with the same airline. By buying return tickets you may save some money.

However, there is nothing to stop you flying with more than one airline, but then in that case single fares for each applicable airline will be charged and when added together could possibly total more than the return fare charged by the airline above.

To secure the cheapest charter flight, follow these tips:

  • Think strategically. Delay buying a ticket until just before you want to travel. The price generally drops a day or two before the flight because charter airlines must sell seats or lose money on the flight.

  • Book early to avoid disappointment, fares can often be cheaper if you book 6 months in advance of travel dates, but bear in mind once booked and paid for you cannot change the dates.

  • Do lots of research by telephone or online before you commit your cash and talk with your travel agent, for they can save you money?

  • Know where you are flying into. Charter flights often land at small or out-of-the-way airports. Travellers on an all-inclusive holiday will usually have transport arranged as part of the package, but flight-only travellers may not. Check out local transport links or taxi companies to avoid being stranded.

  • Make sure you know exactly what is included in your ticket. Will you get a complimentary meal? What is your baggage allowance? Can you pay extra for a seat with more legroom? Is there a fuel surcharge / credit or debit card charge / ticket on departure charge? Late booking fee charge?

  • Last but not least, when the number of seats are at a premium, most airlines are now charging higher again at the last minute, because the airline only has a few seats available, so watch out.

Air Transat is Canada’s leading holiday travel airline. It carries some 3 million passengers annually to nearly 60 destinations in 25 countries. Air Transat, as at May 2011, has a fleet of 23 Airbus A330s and A310s. 12 x A310s; 7 x A330-200s; 4 x A330-300s.

The Airbus A310 will gradually leave the fleet in years 2013 to 2016. For pictures of the latest aircraft in their new livery see below

Fly from Britain and Ireland to Canada

For more information and to reserve seats on Air Transat the main web site to use can be found here at Canadian Affair.

For 2015 flights depart as follows:-

From London – Gatwick to 5 cities in Canada, namely Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

From Manchester flights are to Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver

From Birmingham to Toronto only

From Glasgow to Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver

Ireland is growing in popularity too and Canadian Affair is flying from two Cities:-

From Dublin to Montreal and Toronto

Fly from Canada to the UK and Ireland

From Vancouver to London – Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow.

From Calgary to London – Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow.

From Toronto to London – Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin

From Montreal to London – Gatwick and Dublin.

From Halifax to London – Gatwick only.

A New Award! Air Transat was named World's Best Leisure Airline at he Skytrax annual World Airline Awards, held on July 12, 2012 at the Farnborough International Airshow, near London.

Flight Add On's

Enjoy your flight even more by Pre-selecting your seat, upgrading to Club Class or Option Plus. Booking any of these in advance offers great peace of mind and more reason to look forward to your upcoming flight.

Welcome to Club Class

Upgrade your Flight Seat from £199 each way

On all Air Transat flights there is a separate Club Class cabin with 12 or 20 seats and where you'll enjoy extra benefits and a more personal onboard experience. To Toronto, Halifax, Montreal from £199 and Calgary, Vancouver from £299 each way including taxes.

The following is what you get too

  • Dedicated check in desk for Club Class passengers: Allowing faster check in.

  • Extra luggage allowance: 40kgs of luggage allowance compared to 23kgs in economy.

  • Priority Boarding: First onboard - no standing in queues!

  • More space: Extra wide luxury leather seat, more legroom to stretch out.

  • Separate cabin: It's more private and feels exclusive with only 20 seats!

  • Complimentary drinks: Alcoholic and soft drinks are free including a welcome onboard drink.

  • FREE headphones: a wide choice of audio channels and for viewing the in-flight films.

  • Wider choice of meals: ...and you can pre order your meal before you fly.

  • Priority baggage tagging: Your bags will be first off on arrival at your destination.

  • Travel Amenity Kit: You'll receive a neck cushion, travel blanket, socks and ear plugs to help you settle on the flight.

You can book your upgrade online.

We recommend you book early as this cabin sells out early.

Air Transat have improved the range of services offered in Club Class to offer you even more choice and luxury. These changes make Club Class the global standard among vacation airlines.

Club service

  • Two flight attendants dedicated to Club Class passengers.
  • Attentive, personalized service
  • Exclusive and spacious Club cabin

Club benefits

  • Priority baggage service
  • Checked baggage: 40kg (88lbs) per passenger
  • Carry-on baggage: 15kg (33lbs) per passenger
  • Exclusive and rapid check-in counter in most airports
  • Priority boarding

Club privileges

  • Free headsets
  • Complimentary travel items
  • Canadian newspapers

Comfort and refinement

  • Wider, more comfortable leather seats
  • More leg room
  • Complimentary seat selection
  • And more.

Drinks and snacks

  • Welcome cocktails
  • Complimentary drinks, snacks and bar service

Air Transat has recently unveiled the first Airbus A330 to feature a new, fully redesigned cabin interior.

Travellers in both Club and Economy classes will enjoy notably roomier, ergonomically designed leather seats with touch screen-based personal entertainment systems.

The aircraft will seat 333 in Economy and 12 in Club class for a total of 345 passengers.

The lavatories have also been entirely redesigned, as have cabin layout features overall. Passenger comfort will be enhanced by brand new mood lighting, which employs sophisticated technology, to smooth the transition between the various phases of a flight.

“We care more than ever about our passengers’ in-flight experience and the changes introduced address our ultimate objective to deliver value-added tourism services and exceptional standards of quality,” said Allen B.Graham, President and CEO, Air Transat.

Cabin interior refurbishments for the remainder of the Airbus A330 fleet will be completed gradually over a two-year period at a cost of $4 million per aircraft. Three A330s with the new interior will be in service this summer, flying Air Transat’s Europe routes.

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